University Medical Center Utrecht

Implant and home use

The coordinator of INTRECOM is UMCU, a large academic hospital within the Netherlands that is part of the Utrecht University campus, which hosts 7 faculties. UMCU has over 12,000 employees and strong research and education programs in imaging and neuroscience. 

The brain-related research and educational activities of UMCU are covered by the UMC Utrecht Brain Center, which aims “to perform high-level research in clinical and experimental neuroscience, whilst delivering an exceptional standard of care”.

Wyss Center

Implantable electronics

The Wyss Center is an independent, non-profit, research and development organization that advances our understanding of the brain to realize therapies and improve lives. The Wyss Center staff, together with the Center’s academic, clinical and industrial collaborators, pursue innovations and new approaches in neurobiology, neuroimaging and neurotechnology. 

TU Graz

Brain signal decoding

The Institute of Neural Engineering at Graz University of Technology is an internationally renowned research institution with focus on brain-computer communication and dynamics of brain oscillations. We have extensive expertise in brain signal recording and analyses, established one of the first EEG-based BCIs almost 30 years ago. Since, the Graz BCI group contributed in various aspects to the community.


ECoG Electrodes

CorTec is a young MedTech company that was founded in Freiburg, Germany, in September 2010. As leading experts for innovations in the field of medical engineering CorTec is following the vision to take implantable neurotechnologies to the next level. In the INTRECOM project, CorTec will develop and provide the implantable hardware that will pick up the brain signals: customized high-resolution ECoG electrodes with high-channel cabling and novel implantable connectors.

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